On-demand webinar

Active Directory data loss (in Azure, on-premises and in hybrid environments) is a harsh reality for most organizations, especially with increasing threats of malicious AD breaches. If you don’t protect business-critical services from costly outages, users will be unable to access email, important documents and applications.    

Microsoft does not take responsibility for lost directory data – you’re responsible for recovering your own Azure Active Directory data. While Microsoft provides Recycle Bin, it’s incomplete and effective in few recovery scenarios.  Are you prepared? 

Join us for this webinar where we will discuss… 

  • Challenges related to protection and recovery of Azure Active Directory and hybrid AD   
  • Why relying on native Recycle Bin is a losing strategy 
  • How to protect against unwanted changes and associated outages 

About the Speakers

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Robert Bobel
Founder, Hybrid Expert
Mandy Sadowski
VP of Marketing