Windows PowerShell has long been the scripting language and command line of choice for system administrators in Microsoft-centric networks. Standardized and object-oriented, it gave IT professionals unified approach to manage Windows Server, Active Directory, Exchange, and the rest of the on-premises ecosystem.  

The transition to the cloud and hybrid world brought new challenges, with SaaS applications relying on web user interfaces and REST APIs for administration and automation, and lacking the level of standardization. 

Microsoft Graph API addresses the standardization problem, unifying access to all Microsoft cloud infrastructure. Microsoft Graph PowerShell module is adding to that its full power of command-line and scripting. 

In this webinar we will explore: 

  • The basics of PowerShell and Microsoft Graph 
  • Connecting to the systems, authentication, and authorization 
  • Discoverability of commands, objects, and properties 
  • Practical examples of user and group management 
  • Current limitations and the ways to work around them 

About the Speakers

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Robert Bobel
Founder, Hybrid Expert
Dmitry Sotnikov
Microsoft MVP