Microsoft Administration Simplified_ Best Practices to Secure and Streamline Hybrid Management


IT budgets are shrinking, but the work isn’t.  As you’re being asked to do more with less, the mission is to be more efficient while maintaining security and compliance. 

Without unified management between on-premises Active Directory and Microsoft 365, hybrid administration can double the required time and resources beyond initial expectations.    

Join this webinar where we discuss the most common hybrid Microsoft management challenges along with best practices and proven approaches on how to solve them, including: 

  • Onboarding and terminating user accounts in an efficient, secure and compliant manner
  • Gaining control over group membership management
  • Empowering the help desk and administrators with granular delegation and end users with self-service

About the Speakers

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Robert Bobel
Founder, Hybrid Expert
Mandy Sadowski
VP, Marketing