wednesday, August 11 @ 11AM ET

Managing a hybrid Microsoft environment can be challenging. One major challenge is the different ways on-premises Active Directory (AD) and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) apply administrative scopes for delegation and policy assignment.  

Since its launch, AD has used containers called Organizational Units (OUs) to separate the directory into management scopes. In contrast, with Microsoft 365, Azure AD uses list-based constructs called Administrative Units (AUs), as OUs don’t exist in Azure AD. Although AUs are similar to OUs they don’t work exactly the same way. 

Join Cayosoft as we discuss the difference between administrative structures and scopes in on-premises AD and Azure AD. We’ll be walking you through the native tools and Cayosoft’s unified platform with live demonstrations, including: 

  • An Overview of Administrative Units 
  • The Difference Between Organizational Units & Administrative Units 
  • Working with Administrative Units in the Azure Portal 
  • Active Directory and Azure AD Management from a Single Pane of Glass  
  • Cayosoft Virtual Administrative Units (vAUs) Overview 
  • vAUs for Role-Based Granular Delegation 
  • vAUs for Rule-Based Control & Automation of Administrative Tasks 


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About the Speakers

Ed Sweeney
Ed Sweeney
Sr. Account Executive
Chad Nichols
Chad Nichols
Systems Engineer