“We needed a more efficient way to manage our hybrid Office 365 environment. We found that with Cayosoft.” Sr. Analyst Global IT Services
Today’s Office 365 Hybrid Management is a set of disconnected administrative consoles, varying security models, and complex scripting. That's just a few of many challenges that make hybrid time consuming, confusing, and error-prone.
Learn how one international manufacturing company eliminated their AD & Hybrid Office 365 administrative burden! In this case study, you'll see how they were able to: 
  • Reduce Hybrid Management Complexity by 90%
  • Eliminate Complex PowerShell Scripts
  • Improve Security with Granular “Least Privileged” Delegation Model
  • Deploy One Place for Admin Tasks On-premises, for Hybrid and for Cloud Microsoft Platforms
  • Optimize Office 365 License Spend
  • Enforce Standards such as naming, attribute possible values and entry formats