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Protection From Hybrid AD Data Loss

Cayosoft Guardian recovers and protects Azure Active Directory and hybrid AD data. With Guardian monitoring all directory changes, administrators can quickly see, understand and rollback mistakes or malicious changes across their entire hybrid AD environment.  When rollback is needed, Guardian provides an automated recovery plan that does not involve incomplete or time-consuming backup files.

   Immediate Recovery

Mitigate expensive service outages and end-user downtime almost instantly. 

   Single Hybrid Solution

Identify and restore changes, regardless of where they were made, across Active Directory everywhere.  All in one unified console.

   Hybrid Change Alerting

Change notifications enable immediate rollback of mistakes, malicious changes, or breaches before they impact end users.

    Move Beyond Recycle Bins

Recover what native tools cannot, including changes to object attribute data, Office 365 License Settings, Conditional Access Polices and settings and even hard-deleted objects. 


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Protect Yourself from Hybrid Active Directory Data Loss.   

Complimentary 25-day subscription of Cayosoft Guardian!

Whether you’re fully on Azure Active Directory or operating in a hybrid or on-premises world, it’s more critical than ever to avoid breaches, outages and data loss. That’s why Cayosoft is proud to offer a free 25-day subscription to Cayosoft Guardian to recover and protect your data across Actives Directories.   

No credit card. No commitment. Just peace of mind that you and your users are protected from AD outages. 

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