Free Active Directory Management Tools
Security, Management & Hybrid Tools from Cayosoft

Web Portal for Active Directory Management

with Cayosoft Administrator Free Edition

  • Easily and Securely allow others to perform day-to-day AD tasks
  • Delegate Web-based LAPS Password Management &
  • Bitlocker Recovery Key Access
  • No MMC to distribute or keep updated
  • Web console to easily resolve lockouts

Hybrid Enterprise Reporting

with Cayosoft Administrator Free Edition

  • Active Directory, Exchange and Office 365
  • Report & Validate Office 365 License Assignments
  • Report on Microsoft Teams
  • Report on Exchange Recipients & Security
  • Save or Send Email Reports on a Schedule
  • Export Data to CSV for Editing in Excel

Web-Based Self-Service Password Change + Expiration Notifications

with Cayosoft Administrator Free Edition

  • Automatically notifies users before their password expires
  • Setting in days to notify user prior to password expiration
  • Email that contains a link to Self-Service Password Change Web portal
  • Self-Service Web Portal where users can change their own password
  • Web portal is compatible with most major web browsers and operating systems
  • Freeware tool

Web Based AD LAPS Password Access

with Cayosoft Administrator Free Edition

  • Delegate what admins access LAPS privileged passwords
  • Easily copy password to clipboard
  • Add comments to identify use or items of note
  • View existing password expiration date and time
  • Set a new password expiration date and time
  • Freeware feature


Web-based Bitlocker Recovery Key Access

with Cayosoft Administrator Free Edition

  • Secure and protect sensitive BItlocker Recovery Passwords
  • Web-based access to Bitlocker details
  • Role based delegation controls who can retrieve passwords

  • No native permissions required

  • Instantly copy Bitlocker key to clipboard for easy use


Suspend for AD Users & Groups

with Cayosoft Administrator Free Edition

  • Secure obsolete or unused accounts and groups.
  • Perform 9 critical steps to lock down users and groups.
  • Move suspended objects to a new OU.
  • Right-click Undo-Suspend.
  • Create reports on suspended objects.


Office 365 License Option Changer

with Cayosoft Administrator Free Edition

  • Check user license setting
  • Change user O365 License
  • Add or remove options within selected license plan

PowerShell Module for Graph API

with Cayosoft Administrator Free Edition

  • The Cayosoft Graph (cGraph) Module for Microsoft PowerShell is a FREE SET OF POWERSHELL CMDLETS that allows administrators to use PowerShell to call the Microsoft Graph API or the Cayosoft Administrator Graph API to manage any Graph accessible resource such as, Azure AD, Office 365, Outlook, OneDrive, Intune and more