Citrus Health Improves IT Efficiency and Maintains Compliance

with Cayosoft Administrator for True Hybrid Management

At this point, it is hard to imagine our work without Cayosoft. It’s part of our manuals and official processes. Cayosoft Administrator made it possible for entry level staff to do a job that once required senior level IT resources.”             —   Abiezer Fraga, IT Director


Key Capabilities

  • True hybrid management with a single web portal that manages both Active Directory and Office 365
  • Simultaneously provision, manage or deprovision Active Directory and Office 365 user accounts
  • Delegation with strict access controls to help desk and junior IT staff
  • Assignment and ongoing enforcement of Office 365 licenses

The Results

  • Reduced reliance on scripts for account creation and removal
  • Streamlined day-to-day management; entry level staff now does a job that once required senior level IT resources
  • Save up to a week per month provisioning new accounts
  • Reduced or eliminated majority of additional work related to hybrid operations
  • Maintains strict HIPAA compliance

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Citrus Health Network, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3), federally qualified community mental health center dedicated to serving mentally ill individuals and their families. Citrus has been serving the community in South Florida for more than 40 years

In 2016 the company began moving some of its IT infrastructure to the cloud, and it continues operating a hybrid Microsoft environment today.

The nature of the business at Citrus means many accounts must be provisioned and deprovisioned every month. As a healthcare organization, Citrus Health also is concerned with meeting strict HIPAA compliance requirements. Yet with 1200 employees, the company has only four people on the infrastructure team, making efficiency critical.


The IT Business Challenge 

The move to a hybrid Office 365 environment left the IT team at Citrus Health looking for a management solution to handle both cloud and on-premises management. 

“We were starting our migration to Office 365 and we were looking for a management solution that was optimized for hybrid environments,” said Abiezer Fraga, IT Director.

Account creation and deprovisioning was difficult and time-consuming for Citrus Health, as they had to make sure an account was properly being archived to abide by HIPAA and the required litigation holds.  “We didn’t want to go through 1000 hoops with every account," Fraga said.

“Before the move to the cloud, I literally had a folder with 20 scripts I’d run every time we created a new user.”


Finding A Solution - Cayosoft Administrator

“We selected Cayosoft Administrator because of the focus on managing hybrid Microsoft environments,” said Fraga.  “There wasn’t much to compare against.”

Citrus Health now uses Cayosoft Administrator for both cloud and on-premises account provisioning and deprovisioning, plus other IT Administration and management.

“Before we had Cayosoft,” said Fraga, “it was me and my CIO creating Windows accounts because there were too many steps that required permissions that the help desk staff didn’t have. With delegation in Cayosoft Administrator, the help desk can now do this, as well as use Cayosoft for group management, password resets and managing mailbox permissions.”

“At this point, it is hard to imagine our work without Cayosoft. It’s part of our manuals and official processes. Cayosoft Administrator made it possible for entry level staff to do a job that once required senior level IT resources.”

As a healthcare organization, Citrus Health must ensure access to information is carefully managed to maintain HIPAA compliance.  “Since we started using Cayosoft Administrator, no accounts are out of compliance anymore.  We still do a check every month and we never have anything out of compliance.”

Cayosoft Administrator has also improved efficiency and saved time for Citrus Health. 

“On average to create an account used to take about 2 hours, which sounds like a lot, but it was true.  Now, we can delegate this to the help desk and they can create accounts in about 5 minutes.  On average we create 10-20 accounts each month, so assuming the low end of 10 users, we’ve cut that time to create accounts from 20 hours to 1 hour with Cayosoft Administrator.

“Our entire experience, from installation onward went very well.  Cayosoft was with us the whole time, and when we have had issues, we’ve seen them resolved very quickly.  We see patches and updates based on our requests, and we have recommended Cayosoft to other organizations.”


About Cayosoft Administrator

Cayosoft® Administrator™ is the only complete management solution for your entire cloud IT journey, from on-premises to hybrid to the cloud. Every step along the way, Cayosoft Administrator delivers Security, Efficiency, Compliance, and Innovation in the management of Active Directory, Exchange, Office 365, and beyond!

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