On-Demand Webinar

Managing a hybrid Microsoft environment with on-premises Active Directory and Microsoft 365 can be incredibly complex and is constantly evolving. While your existing Active Directory management tools were once a great choice, are they still the best tools for your current situation and keeping up with the current pace of change? 

In this webinar, learn directly from two leading industry experts, the former Platform Director and the former Director of Analytics and Research at Quest Software, about how replacing legacy AD management tools with a hybrid-ready solution can breathe new life into your Active Directory with improved security, compliance, and day-to-day management efficiency.  

This presentation will showcase the impact of Cayosoft’s modern, TrueHybrid  architecture in Microsoft AD environments, with live demonstrations of Cayosoft solutions, including:  

  • Securing and streamlining your day-to-day IT tasks through automation 
  • Group membership management across on-prem AD, AAD, and Microsoft 365  
  • Advanced Microsoft 365 license management and optimization  
  • Managing your entire Microsoft environment in a single platform, including Microsoft 365 applications like Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 Groups, Microsoft Exchange, cloud-only users accounts, guest accounts, license quotas, and more! 

Come and see why many customers have made the switch to Cayosoft – including Quest ActiveRoles®, ManageEngine ADManager Plus®, and Imanami GroupID®.   

Quest and ActiveRoles are trademarks of Quest Software, LLC. ManageEngine and ADManagerPlus are trademarks of Zoho Corporation. Imanami and GroupID are trademarks of The Imanami Corporation. 

About the Speakers

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Robert Bobel
Founder, Hybrid SME
Andrey Polevoy
Andrey Polevoy
CTO, Hybrid SME