On-demand webinar

AD security is at the heart of any plan to protect your organization’s most valuable information and assets. AD attacks are on the rise, and the smallest misconfiguration can let malicious actors into your organization.  How can you be prepared before  (and even after!) disaster strikes?

Alsid Technical Director and Microsoft MVP Derek Melber and Cayosoft Founder Robert Bobel have an interactive discussion-style event to learn how to secure AD and Azure AD from every angle.

In this webinar, we cover: 

  • Overcoming native permission limitations 
  • Proactively identifying existing misconfigurations and attack pathways
  • Monitoring for security drift and suspect changes
  • Detecting attacks in real time 
  • Minimizing damage and quickly recovering from security events 

Discover how end-to-end AD security is now possible with a complete solution from Cayosoft and Alsid. 

About the Speakers

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Robert Bobel
Cayosoft Founder
Derek Melber
Microsoft MVP