On-Demand Webinar

To optimize investment in Microsoft Office 365, organizations must be  able to  identify and enact policies that will  boost  worker  productivity  and  simultaneously  reduce subscription costs, ultimately making  Office 365 more affordable while driving collaboration up.  

In this webinar, we will take a closer look at five common reasons why managing Office 365 licenses can be be challenging, and explore ways to minimize frustration, reduce costs and improve efficiency. In addition, attendees will learn:  

  • Ways to save up to 50% on your Microsoft licensing costs 
  • How to automatically assign the correct license every time 
  • Allocating tenant licenses with quota pools 
  • Approaches to simplify license management for administrators and help desk teams 

About the Speakers

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Robert Bobel
Founder, Hybrid Expert
Mandy Sadowski
VP of Marketing